UC Irvine Station

Site ID Site type Date site came online Site Managed By Measuring
irv building/rooftop November 17, 2014 Earth Networks CO2, CH4, Wind Speed and Direction, Air Temperature,
Pressure, Humidity, Dew Point Temperature,
Latitude Longitude Base Elevation Inlet Elevation Inlet Directions
33°38'39.92"N 117°50'39.05"W 10 m 20 m agl Inlet 1: S
Inlet 2: W
Inlet 3: N
Inlet 8: E

Image from UC Irvine site
EN sampling system in Croul Hall, UC Irvine
Sampling mast on Croul Hall looking East
Sampling mast on Croul Hall looking W/SW at sunset
Ground view of Croul Hal and rooftop sampling mast

Instrument Status